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SenseData's Benefits

Much faster decision making, through customer actions in real time.
Scale the Customer Success operation, increase team productivity and automate the customer journey.
Visibility of your entire customer base. All customer information centralized and organized in one place.

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Some companies that use SenseData in their strategies

What top business leaders say about us

"With SenseData I am able to build strategies according to the needs of each client within its segment, handing success to them."

Ricardo Gonçalves

Executive Director at Fortes Tecnologia

Check out the Fortes Tecnologia success case
"The proximity of the SenseData team, bringing news, helping with ideas and trying many things was fundamental for us."

Valéria Duarte

Director of Operations at Geofusion

Check out the Geofusion success case
"With SenseData I can have visibility of information, operational efficiency and integration between the company's areas."

Mauricio Brentano

Chief Customer Officer at Hi Plataform

Check out the Hi Platform success case

About Us

SenseData is a platform that uses data in favor of customer relationships.

Through the analysis of large volumes of data, we create a unique view of the customer, generating insights so that companies can be proactive and much more precise in their actions with their customers.

Our goal is to ensure that companies take the right action, with the right customer, at the right time.

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